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Why do we seek the truth ?

jeudi 27 mars 2014, par Begel

Claudia- Kelsey- Samantha

Why do we seek the truth ?

Truth is part of life

In the cavern : For the prisoners, the truth is in the lies. They don’t believe the truth ; they believe their lies which become their truth . They have a different reality, which pleases the, and when the other man tries to explain the real world to them , they reject him .

The Americans prefer knowing the truth, even if it hurts , rather than knowing pleasant lies.
People, in general, are looking for the truth in their subconsciouses ; it is the meaning of the actions people make. The hidden truth is when people say what they want to explain the truth with the words that they want.

Sometimes it is better to have a nice lie than a hard truth : people who are sad or feeling bad do not need even more pain.

Valerie- Summer- Tomi

- What is reality ?

- No lie
- Perceived vision of reality
- Curiosity to expand. If we stay in the same spot we get bored.
- See good in others, have knowledge , be accompished

When first discovering truth :
- angry, relief, satisfied, hurt broken-hearted

Unknown American and French Group

- As humans, our ultimate goal is to continue to question and gain knowledge, so we can see the world around us as it truly is, or to gain the « truth. » We must also work together to help others gain the truth.

- Truth and reality may be different for each person because of the different experiences and lives they have. Truth is objective.

Harper, Kimber, Lucas, Erin, Jean, Paul, Francais, Colin

Why should we look for truth ?

- For understanding, thus better development of the world
- Truth is subjective ; you believe what you want
- To make a better life for yourself
- Truth is invented.
- Truth can change depending on what the media wants you to believe at the moment.

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