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2013-2014 Voyage aux Etats-Unis

samedi 26 octobre 2013, par Begel

Le 26/10 : Chicago

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The beans
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The lake

Le 21/10 : Back to school

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school bus

French students attended classes according to schedules : Orchestra, Culinary Arts, Chinese, Physics, Calculus, Speech, Botany, Geology, Art, Anatomy, Play Production.... they were able to see a variety of classes and compare the American system to the French system.

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the school bus

Le 19/10 : Green Bay
Guides Tour of Lambeau Field Football Stadium
Tour of the Oneida nation Indian Reservation
Native American Story Telling at high school library

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Lambeau Field Football Stadium
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Indian tipi

Le 18/10 : Sheboygan Day
Today we visit the Historical Museum and Bookworm Gardens. We also go to the art center and the tour ends with a very fun workshop .

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Le 16/10 : Philosophy class and American Dream class
Today at North High we met with American students to speak about three of our on-going projects : in Philosophy with Mme Begel, in French with Mme Guerre and American Dream with Mme Caro. Great discussions with our American colleagues and between the French and American students.

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Le 16/10 : Madison
Field trip to Madison : today we visited the state capital, the veteran’s museum, and we even participated in a sing along with a group from Madison protesting some of the state policies. We saw the University of Madison - over 50.000 students atend the university. Toworrow we’ll be going to class at North High.

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Le 14/10 : News from Sheboygan
Hello Rene Char community !
We’ve arrived in Sheboygan and enjoying our time with our host families. Today we’re going to classes at North High School and tomorrow we’ll be going on a field trip to Madison. Nice families, nice weather, we’re having a wonderful time !

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